Saturday, 15 October 2022
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Hello everyone,
I a having foamy - I went into the rabbit hole of searching about FOAMY URINE. This is what I found!!!

When you pee, you tend to get bubbles - it's just a bubble, Don't worry!!! Bubbly is not foamy urine.

I understand - we confuse these two terms ( bubbly and foamy) - but there is a difference. But we won't be able to see the difference straight away - This confuses many people.

How to check? - leave the urine without flushing! - Don't flush and see how your pee is behaving :

Within 10 seconds :
When you pee, it is normal to see bubbles for 1 or even 2 layers ( many people confuse this as foamy and stress themselves - but don't worry!!)

Within 30-45 seconds :
Around 50% of the bubbles will break down and disappears.

Within 90 to 120 seconds :
You can find 90% of clear urine ( yellow, dark yellow, or white )

With the above case, you are very normal - you do not need to term it as foamy urine and worry about it.

When to worry!!!!?
If the bubbles or foams are there even after 3 - 5 mins. Don't worry, now, let us address what it is in the home itself :

What next?- just drink enough water (3 ltr per day), don't eat too much protein, caffeine and watch out for urine without flushing - check when bubbles disappear - even if it is not disappearing even after 3-5 mins each time - now let us move to next step!! You no need to worry!!!

What is the conclusion :

Most people's foamy urine should disappear within 3-5 mins. If that foamy urine are there even after 3-5 mins - for continuous 3 days. Now, go and take a little test to check what it is !!! There are many harmless causes for this - you no need to stress out

Just go for a test and consult a doctor!!

Note: I am not a doctor, but above is my understanding of the issue after reading hundreds of articles and real-life stories. Foamy urine is normal if it disappears within 3 mins - 5 mins this is my understanding - correct if I am wrong !!

Thank you!!
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